Larisa ID 929
32 years old
About me
Some College
Date of birth
Marital status
never married
Number of children
5 feet 8 inches (172cm)
English, Russian
118.8 lbs (54 kg)

Tour agent

More about me

Are you ready for a drink in which energy mixed with a freshness of life and love? Cause this is what I am! I full of energy, life, and love, that I want to give to somebody special! So you should be more attentive now, maybe I am the one you are looking for? I am very cheerful, sociable, and really enjoy every minute of my life. I prefer to be positive and take the rough with the smooth. I love people that surround me and what I really keen on is to see smiles on their faces! You will never get bore with me, cause I am spontaneous and unpredictable. But I also like to have everything in order and don`t like people, who can`t keep their promise or telling lies. So, are you ready to have the most exciting times in your life with me?


Well, when you will learn about all my hobbies, you will wonder where I get time for all that! But I manage well, I must admit. The style of my life helps me to enjoy every moment of the life, that I am given and I really like it! When I was a child I used to attend the professional dancing school and I still keen on dances! The dance is the best way for me to express my feelings and emotions. Would you like me to dance for you, dear? I am also fond of tennis . So you can see that sport is an important part of my life! Another thing that I am interested in is different movies and I especially like short films. I even tried to make several myself! It is very interesting and exciting process – process of making something new and unknown! It is as interesting to take photographs – when you can catch the moment and make it stay the same for ages, and bring good memories back, every time you will look at the photo! Isn't it wonderful?

Ideal relationship

I would like to have the man by my side, who is as sociable and friendly as I am. I like interesting men, who I can have a good conversation with, about everything, starting with silly romantic talks and continuing with interesting discussions. Spontaneous and energetic man can be perfect for me. Somebody who I can dance salsa with or curl up o the sofa watching a good movie in cold evenings. So, I you ready for something new and exciting – I am looking just for you!

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