Registration on a site

How can I become a member of this site?

You can register on this site for free. Just click “Registration” at the top of the page or click on the reference “Registration” which is at the bottom of every page and complete the registration form.

Once you submit the registration form, you’ll become our newest member.

Your profile will be exposed to thousands of members and visitors of the site.

After you create your profile and become a member, you can upload your photos or send them to us and we’ll put them on your profile for free.


What information on my profile is kept confidential?

We keep your personal information very confidential. Any information that can be used by someone to contact you outside of this site and without your wish is kept from the view of other members of the site, partners and third parties. Other on-line communities actually distribute your real email address. We think that is an open door for suspicious activity. The spread of such information doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Unless you deliberately give clues or intentionally supply information in your profile concerning your real identity, there is no way for another member or the public community to know who you are.

For privacy and safety reasons we also recommend you to register at the site with different username than your mailbox.


If I decide to cancel my membership, will it be possible to do?

Certainly! No one will force you to stay, you are under no obligations towards us. Once have been deleted, your profile will no longer appear anywhere in our network.


Can I use your dating agency services if I am married?

No, you can’t. We are a dating agency and we work only with those who deeply and truly want to find his (her) second half.


What should I remember in the process of profile creation?

The number of incoming correspondence and answers to your letters depends on your profile. Here are some advices that can help you:

Upload your photos. It’s obligatory for men to upload at least one photo but we reccomend to upload some of them and to choose your photos carefully, to think about their quality in all seriousness. People prefer to see the person with whom they correspond. As a rule, profiles with good photos are viewed ten times more often, than those that do not have them at all.

You can upload the photos which were taken with your digital camera or which were scanned.

Think carefully about all information you’re going to post to a profile. You can post as much information as you want on your profile. Tell others about yourself, your likes and dislikes, things you enjoy to do, your profession, your personal preferences and even about your dreams.

When your profile contains as much information as it’s possible, there are more chances that you’ll be liked by most people and they’ll have a desire to send you a message or to answer your letters. If it’s difficult to post all information you wish or if you want to correct or add something to your profile, you’ll be able to do it. And do not forget to fill in additional and not obligatory sections of your profile. They will also help others to know you better.


Are the services of this dating site for a fee?
- Some of our services are non-free.
How can I pay for your services?
- You can pay for the services with the help of credit and debit cards.
- Can I pay for your services with the help of SMS?
- No, you can’t.

Log in

I can’t remember my login and password, what should I do?

The easiest way to login is to to use a notification about messages that comes to your regular mail. Click in the notification message on any link (Read a message or View a profile) and you’ll login to the site automatically. Another way is to use a form Forgot your log in/ password? Click here


I want to login to the site and I can’t.What’s going on?

Try to login with the help of any message-notification sent to your mailbox (Click on “Read a message” link in the letter). If you still can’t, inform us. May be your profile was deleted by accident or because of the technical failure.


Do I need to enable cookies in my browser?Or can I communicate on a site without it?

- You do not need cookies for this site.


I have not yet received an email asking you to reset my password.

Check the email and login you’ve just typed and sent. If they are correct, you’ll get a password to your email address. Click on the link and enter your new password. We advise you to change it to something more personal and easy to remember. For this purpose you can use your profile settings.


How long do I stay logged on a site?

You can stay logged on the site as much time as you need. If you go to another site and do not click Log out of the previous one, you’ll stay logged on it for three hours from your last page view. That’s why we ask you to send all typed messages before the exparation of the term.


I need to change a password. Can I do it by myself?

Login to the site, go to Settings and at first type your old password and then a new one (twice). Click “Submit”. The password will be changed for a new one.


Adding photos to the profile

Is it obligatory to upload a profile photo?

If you are a man, it’s not obligatory but we recommend you insistently to do it because a good photo usually increases your chances for success.


If I send you my photos, will you be able to add them to my profile?

You can do it by yourself. You can also correct any your profile information.


What is the optimal size for profile photos?

If you are sending us photos for uploading from “My photos” page, we accept JPG, GIF and BMP files. JPG is the best kind of format for uploading.


How can I add my photos to the site?

You can go to the page “My profile” on the menu and click there on the photo section or jut to click on “Add my photos” from the home page after you login.


Is there any limit on the number of photos that I can upload?

No, there isn’t. The first uploaded photo is your main photo (you can see it in the gallery). You can change it by clicking on the button “To make main photo” . There are three photos on your profile instantly after the upload of your web page. All others are placed in your album. The users of the site can view them by clicking on the button in the section “My photos” in your profile.


How can I change the photo which all users see in the gallery?

If you have another photo that you think is better for gallery, go to the Photo section in “My profile” and click on the button “To make main photo” (“Create avatar”) under the photo you want to put in the gallery.



The site doesn’t accept my photos. What is wrong?

You can have problems uploading photos by virtue of such reasons:

- Is a file with the photo you’re uploading larger than 2 Megabytes?
- Is the file of bmp, jpg or gif format?
- Is your photo file compressed into a ZIP file? We do not accept ZIP files due to virus vulnerability.
If you still have problems with uploading the photos, send them to us via email.

How often can I change my photos on this site?

If your photos are decent, then it’s all right, you can change them as often as you want. We’ll delete your profile only if you put indecent photos (e.g., nude and offensive to other members).


Why do my photos reduce when I upload them?

We have to reduce your photos to the size specified in the program. Do not forget to remove white spaces around the image before its uploading.


How is the photo used for gallery determined?

You should save as a photo #1 that one where it’s possible to see your face well. It has to be as maximum clear as possible. And that is photo we will use. But if we find out among other your photos that one which will cope with this task better, we reserve the right for its change.


Can I view my uploaded photos and my profile in the way the users of the site do it? When I click on Upload photo, how can I know that it’s done successfully?

Go to Home on the menu, in the middle of the page you’ll see “My profile”, click on the link “My page there” and you’ll see your profile in the way other see it.


What are the photo guidelines?

Photos should meet the following guidelines:

- Put some recent photos of yourself
- Do not put abusive, obscene photos or photos with sexual situations, such photos or even whole your profile can be deleted.


How do I manage my photos?

1. Click on “My profile” link on the menu.
2. Then go to the photographs tab and click on it.
3. Press “Delete photo” and it will be deleted from your profile.
4. Click on your photo and “Main profile” to choose a photo that will represent you in our catalogue.
Removing your profile from the site
I deleted my profile. Can I restore it?

Unfortunately, in most cases it’s impossible to restore deleted information. If you’ve deleted your profile by accident, contact us immediately and we’ll try to restore it. For privacy reasons all your incoming and outgoing messages are also deleted from our database. They cannot be restored.


You deleted my profile. I do not understand what did I do wrong?

The only reason why we delete user’s profile without his inquiry is when user breaks our Terms and Conditions. If you use profanation, upload nude photos, offend other members, make fraud attempts on the site or do any other illegal actions, your profile will be deleted.


I don’t want to be a member of this site any more. What should I do?

First of all logon with your member login and password. Then click “My account settings” option on the menu. The last line is “Delete my personal page”. Mark it and click Submit.

If you are not sure that you want to delete your profile and all your messages irrevocably, think about the possibility to make your profile invisible for the users of the site as long as you want.


Will people I communicated with before deleting my profile be able to reply to my old messages?

No, they won’t be able to reply to any your messages sent from your deleted profile. So, be very careful when you delete your profile because we won’t be able to reinstate it.

Sending and receiving messages

How can I send a message to the person who added me to friends?

When someone adds you to list of his (her) friends, our site automatically sends you a notification and places a message in your inbox on the site. You can also add this member to the list of your friends or start contact him (her) by sending an email or ice-breaker or any other kind of message.


I received a notice that I have email but I couldn’t find it in my inbox!

If you receive a notice that you have email and it’s not in your inbox, it means that the member who sent you a message was deleted from the site. And all his sent messages were also deleted from database.


Member’s profile can be deleted on his own wish or we can do it because of violation of ethical standards and legal norms, e.g. when a member sends others abusive, obscene, offensive photos or messages, makes the fraud attempts.



Some users spam me or try to sell me something. Help me!

If someone spasm you or harasses you, inform us about it immediately. Such members will be deleted right away!


I accidentally deleted a message. How can I get it back?

Unfortunately, for privacy reasons it’s impossible to get deleted messages back. If you don’t remember this member’s ID, please contact us.


Is there any time limit on typing a message?

Yes, there is. If you do not use site for 3 hours (you turned off Internet connection, moved to another site or you didn’t click on any active button of the site), your logon session will timeout automatically. If you didn’t send your message during three hours and left it on sending page, the system of the site couldn’t accept it even if you click on send button.


How can I know that a member of the site has read my message?

All your sent messages remain in Outbox folder. And if a member of the site reads your message, it will be marked.


How will another member know about my message?

When you send a message to another member, we immediately inform him (her) about your letter on our site by sending notice to his (her) “real” email.

Take into account that some members do not check their mail for a long time due to different reasons, e.g. when they are travelling, etc. Do not think that they ignore you.


How can I get a ‘real” email of other member?

For privacy and safety reasons we do not give “real” emails to other members or organizations.


Does anyone read my messages? Who has access to my mail?

There is an analysis of all mail on the site which is carried out by a special program with the aim of identifying letters of illegal and antisocial character, preventing scams and extortion. Our members’ messages can be read by our workers who have special access to it only in exceptional cases. It usually happens when a program detects violations or when we get numerous complaints from other members.


Can I copy and paste the text of my messages?

Yes, you can. It’s possible to use a common function “Copy” or you can use some special possibilities of the site for this purpose. Just go to your mailbox and create some templates. We recommend you to give them meaningful names like my city, my presentation, etc. Every time below letter there will be a list of your templates. Choose a necessary one and click Paste.


Are there any size limitations for messages?

No, there aren’t. Your messages can be as long as you wish.


Can I attach my photo to the message I am going to send?

Yes, you can. Go down the page of your reply and at first click Browse and then Upload a photo.


How can I delete my mail?

If you want to delete a message, put a tick in the box next to the message you would like to delete and click on Delete.


How can I turn off the notification about new messages on the site? I will be out of city for 2 weeks and I don’t want my regular mailbox to be full. You can change your email settings at any time. Go to the reference “My Account settings” and find there a section “I want to receive emails about”.


Safety and Privacy

Will you ever use my personal information for spam?

We do not abuse our relationship with our members, and we do not sell or share your personal information with third parties.

I use a computer at work and in a public place. Is it safe?

If you use a computer in a public place or at work, if anyone else has an access to it, please make sure that you log off the site every time you are going to close a browser. If you do not forget to do it, no one will be able to read or change your personal information.


If someone gives me trouble, what should I do?

If someone spasms you or gives you trouble in any other way, inform us about it immediately. And if your complaints are confirmed, the member will be deleted right away.


Does anyone from other members know my email address?

We take your privacy very seriously. On our site your profile gets a name and when you send messages to others or receive them, when someone adds you to the “Friends list”, he(she) can see only your profile name. Your email address remains unknown to other members until you choose to disclose this information in your messages.



Our prices


1100 CREDITS $350.00 ($0.31 per credit) 200 free first letter
500 CREDITS $180.00 ($0.36 per credit) 100 free first letter
200 CREDITS $99.00 ($0.49 per credit) 50 free first letter
100 CREDITS $55.00 ($0.55 per credit) 20 free first letter
50 CREDITS $30.00 ($0.6 per credit) 10 free first letter


The rates

  • Open and read all incoming letters absolutely free!
  • One outgoing letter costs 10 credits.
  • Live Chat costs 1 credit per minute for all members.
  • Contact information of a lady(phone number) costs 200 credits.
  • .